Inspire My Awesome Monday – Current Edition

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Hi there!

Welcome to this week’s “Inspire My Awesome Monday,” a few things I’ve found that might get you charged up for a great week!

For Your Ears

  • Derek Sivers Podcast. Derek is letting himself be interviewed a lot lately. HIs stories might help you reflect on if your “goal” is really what you want to achieve. Example? Check out this episode of Derek being interviewed by Amy Jo Martin of the “Why Not Now?” podcast.
  • This interview with Mary Winchenbach of Tirdy Works is just wonderful. Yes, it is possible to create a business out of shit.

For Your Eyes

From Inspire My Awesome

  • Could I Be Infected? – Like many, I have my times of high anxiety during this point in time.
  • Stand Tall – During times of challenge, stand a little taller.

Just a Thought

  • “The end of ‘shelter in place’ doesn’t mean the virus is gone, it’s ‘We now have room for you at the hospital.’”

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